S7 Nomad

This collection aims to inspire and facilitate the creation: “the intention was not to design a global defined system, but a tool that allows any user to create his own lighting installation in connection with the architecture of the space, the area to enhance and the kind of graphic configuration expected. ”

Thanks to its integrated battery, S7 Nomad gives full meaning to the S7 Plug&Play system. A total modularity and freedom of movement. Indeed, Jean-François wanted a stand-alone lamp to take it everywhere, with a 360° di used light. S7 Nomad won the Lépine Design Awards in 2017 and more than 1000 models have already been sold!

Designed and assembled in Nantes.

Different accessorizes are available.


Technical features 

Battery life : 7h30’
Intensity : 400lm charging – 200lm nomad
Materials : Composite tube with memory shape – Varnished beech handle – PMMA difuser tube
Input : 5.35 V – 2 A

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